détournement de valises vintages

une invitation au voyage

création d’œuvres uniques pour

détournement d'objets

On the road with Vincent Fermin,
an atypical artist

My work is about creating interior furniture and artifacts from those objects which have already supprime lived before and have a soul!

My aim is to give them a second life!

I like the idea that my items can make people travel and dream, and what would be more natural than using the essential tool while we travel with and what more than…a suitcase!

From this point, I set my imagination free in order to design coffee tables, headboards, paintings, mirrors….

I mainly use suitcases in leather, which I cut, transform and stick so as to model a harmonious and unique patchwork!

Suitcase isn’t my favorite material, any other recovered item can nourish my imagination as well.

Have a nice trip!